Partnering with both multinational companies and major local Chinese enterprises, Mobley Group Pacific Ltd. (MGP) delivers customized solutions that target companies’ most significant management issues, creating a lasting advantage.

About MGP

MGP Overview

Committed to our clients’ success, Mobley Group Pacific Ltd. (MGP) has used our years of industry experience and functional expertise to become one of the regions’s most recognized management consulting firms. We use proven psychological, behavioral, and cross-cultural talent solutions adapted for local markets to enhance a company’s potential through the assessment and development of its executives and teams.

With offices in Hong Kong and Shanghai and strategic partnerships in Japan, Korea, and Singapore, MGP is easily able to serve clients across Greater China and the Asia Pacific region. Through our highly experienced, multilingual consultants and alliance partners across the globe, MGP can deliver its services in a number of languages including English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese and Korean. Our clients benefit from our breadth of expertise, quality of our deliverables, client-centered approach, and our validated consulting methods that deliver measureable outcomes.

Why Choose MGP

MGP has earned its reputation as a leader in talent management and development through high quality customization of our solutions and excellence of our execution by the wisdom of our consultants. MGP has always believed that:

  • Needs from our client should be well addressed through an integration of psychological insight, leadership competency requirements, cultural implications and business perspectives
  • Individual leaders, teams and organizations should be considered in the context of bigger picture, including industry, market and culture in which they operate
  • Solutions should be systematic, valid, emphasize progressive improvements and focus on sustainability
  • Our consultant’s main priority should be to serve as realizable trusted advisors. In doing so we must continuously grow ourselves through enhancing our knowledge and business savvy

MGP Impact

Headquartered in Shanghai, the impact of MGP’s talent management, organizational effectiveness, and executive coaching practices can be felt across continents. Our consultants are based in Mainland China and Hong Kong, and we have alliance partners in Japan, Korea, Germany, and the United States. We tailor our services to each client’s needs, helping to ensure that a German client’s operations are running smoothly in India, while an American client’s management team has a vision for the future in Singapore. We have worked all over Asia, as well as in Europe and the Middle East. Our wealth of experience and business insights have helped hundreds of firms, including many Fortune 500 companies.


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