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Overview of Hogan Assessment Systems

As the world’s premium provider of personality assessments, Hogan assessments have been employed as a comprehensive yet cost effective talent management tool in thousands of organizations, including members of the fortune 500, in over 40 countries.

Leading companies choose Hogan assessments because these measures consistently demonstrate bottom-line results. Developed exclusively on working adults, the inventories evaluate a person’s reputation in the workplace rather than their self-report, and the descriptions are framed in the context of business and leadership to optimize their relevance.

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The MGP Hogan Certification Workshop: Interpretation and Feedback Certification

Since MGP introduced Hogan Assessments to China in 2007, over 200 corporate professionals and leading consultants have been certified to interpret and give feedback around these highly valid and predictive measures through our comprehensive workshop. As organizations increasingly realize the need for insightful, objective instruments to support their selection initiatives and development programs, it is no surprise Hogan Assessments are consistently identified as the leading choice.

MGP's Hogan Workshop provides:

Workshop Details:

Format: Interactive presentation, open discussions and group exercises.
Duration: 2 days (plus a 1.5-hour individual feedback session and a 2-hour feedback technique review meeting)
Location: MGP Office at chosen Location
Investment: RMB 16,250 / HK$18,500
Add-on: MGP will consult with you on how to refine your feedback techniques and properly integrate these tools to strengthen your HR systems upon request

Course Examines:

  • Personality and its importance in the workplace
  • Theories behind Hogan tools
  • Identity vs. Reputation perspectives
  • Scale by scale interpretation
  • Scale interactions and conflict interpretation
  • Relevant, business case studies
  • Bottom-line examples

Course Includes:

  • 1.5 hour feedback around your Hogan Reports
  • Take-home 300 page bilingual feedback and interpretation reference
  • Additional support materials
  • Accounts for two professional contacts
  • Feedback Review and Certification
  • Lunch for the two days

The MGP Hogan Interpretation and Feedback Certification Workshop provides an in-depth understanding of:

The Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI): Assesses general leadership style and key highlights; strengths and development opportunities quickly noticed by others; approach to work, interaction and learning.

The Hogan Development Survey (HDS): The only validated measure that evaluates the risk one has of demonstrating derailing behaviors that can get in the way of effective leadership, performance and relationships.

The Motives Values and Preferences Inventory (MVPI): Identifies factors that drive a person toward development and success; how s/he will likely motivate others; environment s/he will prefer to operate in and type s/he will cultivate for his or her team.

Having worked extensively with clients in the Fortune 500 and leading state owned enterprises (SOEs) throughout Greater China and Asia Pacific, MGP is able to support workshop participants to leverage these powerful cost saving tools to address their organizational needs in light of the strategic goals. All the while we ensure the China and Asia Pacific business and cultural contexts are considered. In fact, MGP partners with Hogan Assessments on research into Chinese Management approaches and how they may differ between MNC's and SOE's.

Two free accounts will be issued for participants to distribute to volunteers from their professional circle so they may practice their feedback technique around real, live results.

A Feedback Review and Certification meeting is scheduled with workshop participants for a later date according to their availability to review and refine their feedback techniques on volunteers from within their professional network.

Reasons Clients Prefer Hogan Assessments:

  • No.1 recommended assessment instrument by ICF (International Coaching Federation)
  • Developed on working adults for working adults
  • Constructs and translations that have been validated in China
  • Cutting edge research into local markets
  • Extensive validation research using bottom line results
  • Global norms of over 100,000 people; research archives with over 3.5 million

Mainland China Payment Method - To facilitate payment, please see the banking instructions below. After we receive your payment, we can set you up on a complimentary trial of Hogan Assessments (if not already taken)

You may facilitate payment of 16250 RMB per participant to the bank account below:

Mobley Group Pacific Limited (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
China Merchants Bank Shanghai Branch, Huai Zhong Sub-Branch


Hong Kong Payment Method: - To facilitate payment, please see the banking instructions below. After we receive your payment, we can set you up on a complimentary trial of Hogan Assessments (if not already taken)

You may facilitate payment of 18500 HK$ per participant to the bank account below:

A/C Name: Mobley Group Pacific Limited
A/C Number: 808-109227-838
Bank Name: HSBC
Bank Add.: Basement 1, HSBC Main Building, 1 Queen's Road, Central Hong Kong.

Please confirm once this transaction has been completed.
Official Fapiao can be provided on request

Terms and Conditions

Cancellation - All fees paid are NON refundable unless written notice is received before the workshop commences and arragement are
as follows:
• More than 10 business days: Full refund minus RMB500 administrative fee
• Less than 10 business days: All feed paid will be forfeited but substitutions could be made with written notice to MGP
MGP reserves the right to charge the full program fee if cancellation is not notified the start of the event.

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