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From adapting to ambiguous business environments to delivering on strategic initiatives, an organization must move forward in concert to achieve sustainable results. 

Driving Change Through Culture

Is your culture lagging behind your strategy?

Organizations have often struggled to launch a new strategy because the organizational culture and people’s ways of doing things couldn’t catch up. At Mobley Group Pacific (MGP) we believe effective culture change to support strategy implementation or change management is vital to success.  That’s why we provide critical support to organizations in understanding their unique cultural composition and the corresponding effects on business results through the detailed diagnosis of organizational issues and dynamics. 

With an understanding of the company strategy and business goals, MGP partners with clients to design a top-down and bottom-up process that aligns expectations, focuses on the key actions, and stimulates ownership at different levels. According to clients’ needs, MGP would also employ the validated Denison Organizational Culture Survey, which assesses critical characteristics, including alignment around the mission, process consistency, organizational adaptability, and employees’ level of team orientation. From there, our leadership consultants work with executive stakeholders to develop an actionable plan that encourages the fundamental changes necessary to maximize organizational effectiveness so that collective goals can be achieved quickly and effectively.

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