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From adapting to ambiguous business environments to delivering on strategic initiatives, an organization must move forward in concert to achieve sustainable results. 

Management Due Diligence

You have done due diligence on the company, but how about the people?

Mergers and acquisitions deals can be rewarding and risky at the same time. Most companies manage the stakes by performing extensive due diligence on a target organization’s strategies and finances; however, they rarely assign equal resources to evaluating the people they are about to take on board. Mobley Group Pacific (MGP) helps organizations reduce exposure to common M&A talent acquisition risks by applying the “science of talent” – a combination of business guidance and
psychological insights.

By assessing a target company’s executive team and organizational culture, the MGP Management Due Diligence process provides valuable information that supports the decisions of the acquiring partner, whether it’s an operating company or a private equity firm. After carefully evaluating key management talent as well as potential talent synergies, overlaps and conflicts, MGP leadership consultants work with the involved organizations to facilitate a seamless integration process that often saves millions of dollars in lost equity.  

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