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Selecting the right people is not just a competitive advantage – it is a necessity for business survival, profit and growth.

High Potential Identification

How will your company identify its next generation of leaders?

With this fast changing market landscape, a position can outgrow the individual faster than the other way around.  Building a strong pipeline for tomorrow is more critical than ever before, as better judgement of people’s potential has become a leading predictor of an organization’s effectiveness. Yet, potential is intangible and hard to assess, and generational differences can cause leadership approaches to vary, as well as receptiveness to them. With this intersection of factors, organizations can no longer simply rely on past performance to help focus their resources on the right people.

Mobley Group Pacific (MGP) collaborates with key stakeholders to define the success criteria for future organizational leaders. A multi-tiered evaluation system is developed to identify and assess high potential talents with consideration of local and global leadership implications. Once implemented, our consultants offer a detailed overview to the management team, delivering feedback that focuses on leadership trends within the high potential pool, and giving businesses the insight they need to ensure their executives of tomorrow will bring maximum impact.

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