Selecting the right people is not just a competitive advantage – it is a necessity for business survival, profit and growth.

Large Scale Screening

Are your hiring needs outpacing your resources?

Often time organizations face a large volume of talented applicants but still can’t seem to find the right one. Although a recruitment process can be well designed and comprehensive, without validated methods it can easily become overwhelming and fail to reach a desirable outcome; even worse, it may lead to hiring the wrong people.

Mobley Group Pacific (MGP) partners with businesses to map position requirements and create validated performance profiles, outlined in personality and competency requirements. Our proven solutions offer companies impartial, predictive validity during a large scale hiring process. Using this streamlined selection mechanism, MGP leadership consultants help organizations screen applicants in or out, leaving companies with a comprehensive, user-friendly report that automatically identifies high-, moderate-, and low-fit candidates. This easy-to-manage system frees up company resources, ensuring the placement of productive and dependable people at all levels.

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