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MGP has worked with hundreds of clients over the last decade, helping them select and develop talent, and improve their overall organizational effectiveness. Below is a selection of case studies from MGP's different practice areas. Read More ›
MGP as a whole is a team of devoted talent assessment experts consisting of psychologists and management professionals from various cultural and experiential backgrounds. We understand the business challenges and needs of our clients. We observe the behavioral and psychological characteristics of talents with depth. We provide consulting service with a cross-cultural business perspective. Read More ›
MGP’s talent development capabilities comprise a board array of solutions for building organizational capacity through empowering different levels of talents and leaders. Through high quality leader coaching and development programs, MGP helps our clients to succeed with sustainable talent solutions. Read More ›
MGP support organizations across industries and sectors in understanding their performance driven factors, corresponding effectiveness level and implications on business results. MGP believes that the dynamics among organization strategy, leadership and culture are crucial to the success of organization effectiveness. Read More ›
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