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Organizational Effectiveness

MGP support organizations across industries and sectors in understanding their performance driven factors, corresponding effectiveness level and implications on business results. MGP believes that the dynamics among organization strategy, leadership and culture are crucial to the success of organization effectiveness.

Our Approach

  • Culture - Using the world renowned Denison Organization Culture Model, MGP is able to assess organizational culture and performance, and maximize organizational effectiveness by identifying and focusing on key development areas. MGP also support organizations to manage change and development through other services, such as the design of Action Learning Projects, Strategy Workshops, Leadership Development and Coaching.
  • Leadership - MGP co-work with leadership team to design effective development programs so that both the team and its individual can witness the improvement of their effectiveness. MGP provide highly customized, action focused programs which aim at fulfilling organizational, cultural and business needs and getting personal development aligned with business strategies

Our Latest Though Leadership

When Do Global Leaders Learn Best to Develop Cultural Intelligence? An Investigation of the Moderating Role of Experiential Learning Style, AMLE, May 2012.

Managing Our Mindsets in Confronting Complexity and Change, Fuji-Xerox Exchange, Dec 2011.

Organization Culture: Managing and developing it in your organization, Harvard Business Review China, Mar 2005.

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